My new makeup storage drawers – Beautify Acrylic Large 8 Tier Storage Unit.

Hello Lovelys! Todays post is going to be a pretty long one and full of pictures of my makeup collection! Yesterday I received my new makeup storage drawers so I spent the day organising my makeup. I am so happy with how it all looks now and how easily accessible it is compared to what it was before.

This is how I stored all my makeup before. I had 2 rectangular baskets, one had my face products in and the other had eyeshadow palettes. I also had 2 circular baskets, one for lip products and the other for primers. The storage wasn’t too bad but a few of my eyeshadow palettes were too big for the basket, everything would constantly get jumbled up and it was very cramped inside the cupboard. As you can see from the picture above I had it all stored in the bottom shelf of the cupboard I sit at when doing my makeup. This meant that I either had to get everything out before I started or I had to constantly keep trying to move out of the way to open up the door and get inside to whatever I needed. It just wasn’t very practical. I was looking online at different ways to organise everything as cheaply as possible and I came across acrylic drawers. There were a lot of different brands and sizes to choose from but I decided to buy the Beautify Acrylic Large 8 Tier Storage Unit. You can get these drawers in 2 other sizes I believe, both are 6 tiers, one is just larger than the other, or there is the 8 tier one I opted for. They also have many other different makeup storage products. I choose this one because I knew it would allow me to have a section for each drawer and would give me plenty of room to grow my collection, which I plan on doing.

This is how all my makeup is now organised and I think it looks absolutely stunning! I ordered this from Amazon on Monday and they came Wednesday so the delivery was really quick and it was so well packaged I knew even if I had dropped it I don’t think the acrylic would have broken. When I finally got all the packaging off I was so happy with what I saw, the acrylic is so much thicker than I imagined it would be which makes it feel strong and sturdy, all the drawers pull out really cleanly without have to wiggle or force them and they are so so deep. You could fit so much in each drawer. The top does have a lid on which lifts up however I have decided to fold it right back and store my eyeshadow palettes and brushes in the top. Now I can sit at my mirror and have everything right by my side. The only negative thing I have to say about these is that they do actually come with dividers for the top tier and first drawer, however they do not fit at all. I didn’t really mind as I never planned on using them but it would be nice to be given something which actually fits.

On the 8 tier drawers the bottom 2 drawers are larger than the other 5 drawers so I have decided in the bottom drawer to store my foundations. As you can see there is so much room for many more bottles and I could stack bottles on top of each other as the drawer is deep.

In the 2nd larger drawer I keep my concealers and face powders, these drawers are deep enough to keep my Laura Mercier Setting Powder and still get something on top of it if I needed too. However a product of that size would still be able to fit in the smaller drawers too.

In the 3rd drawer up and 1st smaller drawer I have my bronze and contour products. I have tried to keep the drawers going up in the order that I would apply it so keep things simple.

As you can see I don’t have many blushes, I don’t tend to use them that often but I do plan on expanding my collection and using them more. These are in the 4th drawer up.

In the 5th drawer I have highlighters! Anither draw I cannot wait to expand on because I love the more glowing look since my skin is more on the dry side.

In the 6th drawer I have my primers, I know I said I was trying to keep them in order as best I could to the order I would use them but I did not want primers in one of the bigger drawers so I opted to put them in the last single category drawers.

In the 7th and last of the drawers I keep my lip and eye products. I am actually quite nervous when it comes to colourful lips but I really hope to grow out of that and play around more with different bold lips since I have a few deep reds and purples.

And on the top I keep my eyeshadow palettes and brushes. This somewhat shows the depth of the storage unit as I have palettes such as the Violet Voss Ride or Die on there which is a very big palette and I still have a lot off room left in front for more!

Overall I am so glad I picked these drawers over others I saw, I love how big it is and how I can see everything. I would highly recommend this acrylic drawer unit. If I had had a proper dressing table I think I would have opted for 2 of the smaller units and had one at each side of the mirror, but for where I wanted it and the space I have in this room I think it looks lovely on display and fits comfortably between my drawers and the mirror.


I hope you have enjoyed seeing how I now store all my makeup and my review of the Beautify Acrylic 8 Tier Storage Unit. It would be amazing to have some recommendations of what products to fill it with, especially blushes as you can see I am lacking.

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