Marc Jacobs Primer and Foundation review. 

Hello lovelys! Today I’m going to be reviewing the Marc Jacobs Under(Cover) Perfecting Coconut Face Primer and the Marc Jacobs Re(Marc)Able Full Cover Foundation! The primer retails for £32 with 30ml of product and the foundation £37 with 22ml. I have mine in the shade Ivory. 

My skin before applying any product is pretty dry especially on my nose with larger pores on my under eye/cheek area. 

I always moisturise before I apply any product so I used Celestial by Lush and let that sink in before applying the primer. I only used a small amount of the primer by applying tiny pumps to my forehead, cheeks, chin and nose and rubbing it in with my fingers. It definitely helped add moister to my skin and left a slightly dewy finish. It starts off pretty tacky but dries down and I found it very refreshing and effective at making the foundation apply beautifully to my face. The foundation is extremely full coverage so I used the applicator to put a dot also on my forehead, cheeks, chin and nose. This is honestly all you need because it will cover everything as you can see below. The redness on my nose has gone and the spots on my chin are covered. As this is such a full coverage it is a matte foundation and I found it left my nose looking dry so maybe a more heavy duty moisturiser will have to be used on my more dry areas to prevent this. I also found the primer didn’t do anything to hide my pores so I would recommend going in with a separate primer for those areas. I do think this combination left the rest of my skin lookin stunning though. The foundation dried down so I didn’t feel the need to set it at all which meant I didn’t look powdery. It just looked like a second skin. 

Since it is matte my face looked a little lifeless so I put some colour back in with blush and bronzer which left me pleasantly surprised how beautifully they applied even though I had not set the foundation. 

Overall I really like the combination of these together. They do cost a lot but I don’t think you have to use that much product at a time which means they’ll last longer. The bottles also feel extremely luxurious and for the price you pay I think they’re fully worth it.
I hope you have enjoyed this review. If you have tried either of these product what do you think of them? 

Where to buy: 

Primer – John Lewis

Foundation – John Lewis


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