My favourite face brushes! 

Hello lovelys! Today I thought I’d do a post about my go to face brushes. I’ve managed to pick out 8 and have 1 for each purpose. 

So first I have the beauty blender. A staple in most people’s makeup bag. I suppose technically this isn’t a brush but it counts! They just apply foundation flawlessly without streaks! Don’t know how I managed without my beauty blender! 

Then I have the Zoeva 102 Silk Finish brush. I use this brush with foundations such as MUFE Water Blend as my beauty blender would just soak up all the product even though it’s already dampened. I use this to blend foundation over my face and then would go over with the beauty blender to make sure there are no streak marks. 
I usually use my fingers or beauty blender to apply my concealer so I’ve gone straight into under eye setting powder brush. For this I like to use the Real Techniques Setting Brush. It is the perfect size just to sweep powder over my under eye, never applies too much and always applies an even amount of product. 

Now for my all over setting powder brush I use the Real Techniques Powder Brush. This brush is HUGE which means I can get this done quickly and without accidentally caking my face in powder. Usually around 6 swipes and I’m all set! 

Next is contour. I like to use the Real Techniques Contour Brush as it really is the perfect size just to define the cheekbones. You can either make a sharp contour or have it more defused since the brush is tapered you can control the amount of blend. 

For bronzer I use the Real Techniques Bold Metals 100 brush. The tip is perfect for bronzing up the cheeks and the flat sides are perfect for my forehead. It’s just the perfect shape and size to give me a gorgeous tanned look to my pale face. 

For blush I use the Real Techniques Multi Task brush. They do have a blush brush but for me it’s just too big. I’m not big on blush so I don’t apply too much though I hope to grow out of this and use it more but for the way I like it this brush is a wonderful size. 

And last but by no means least we have the Zoeva Powder Fusion Brush. I use this for my Highlight. It applies the most stunning cheek bone highlight, and can get right down the bridge of the nose, cupid’s bow, even on the brow bone! 
So they are all my favourite face brushes! I hope you have enjoyed this short and sweet post! 

Where to buy: 

Real Techniques – Superdrug
Zoeva – Beauty Bay
Beauty Blender – Beauty Bay


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