Why I don’t like Spectrum Collections Brushes. 

Hello lovelys! I’m so sad to be doing my first negative post but I want to be as fair as possible and not everything works for everyone. If I’m going to do this properly I need to be honest about how I feel about things and sometimes things are disappointing. 

About a year ago now I bought myself 2 sets of Spectrum Collections brushes. I bought the marbellous set and the Glam Clam set. I was sooo excited for them to arrive and I believe it cost me around £80, but when they arrived I was disappointed. They were visually stunning to look at from a distance but once you got close the brushes were bulky and poorly made. I didn’t want to send them back because I’d spent so much money on them and I wanted them to work so bad. Looking back I really should have sent them because because since I got them I’ve stuck them in a bag and shoved it on top of my cupboard. The face brushes were ok but it was the eye brushes that really let me down. I have little eyelid space anyway but these brushes were so bulky that I just couldn’t see how they would work well.  I have numbered the pictures to make the brushes easier to reference to. 

1. I’m afraid I can’t even tell you which brush this is as this collection has no name or number on the brush but as you can see the brush is completely uneven on this side. There is a huge bump in the middle of the bristles and the ferrule is dented. 

2. This I assume would be a small flat Shader brush but the bristles are not even on both sides. It also has a dent in the very top of the ferrule

3. This is the B03, since it is part of the glam clam this brush does have a name on it. As I’ve already mentioned I don’t really use these brushes but I occasionally used this one to set my primer down on my lid. I have washed this brush maybe 2/3 times and I definitely do not do it aggressively. Some of the brushes do make little squeaky noises and wiggle a little but this one completely came apart. I know it could be fixed with a little bit of glue but the point is I shouldn’t have to. 

4. From the first picture it looks as though it would be a nice pencil brush but it is in fact a flat brush as you can see in the second picture. It is extremely thick and when you try to apply product to the eyelid the ferrule scratches my lid. It’s so big and bulky just for a Shader brush. 

5. This brush looks as though it could be an ok blending brush from the angle in the top picture but actually it’s more wider. I don’t really get a good blend at all with this brush. It covered the largest amount of space and as it is not very tapered at all it again just does not really work well at all. 

I hate that I hate these brushes because they’re so pretty but I just cannot get on with them. I’d suggest that maybe I just got a bad set but to recieve 2 bad sets would have to be extremely unlucky. I hope others have had better experiences with this brand however, I will not be purchasing from them again. 

I hope this post has been helpful or that you have had better quality from this brand. Please do share your experiences and thoughts with me. 


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