Marc Jacobs O!mega Bronzer review and comparison 

Hello lovelys! Today I will be doing a review of both O!mega bronzers tantastic and tantric, with names that similar this is going to get very confusing very quickly! 

Tantastic (white) is Marc Jacobs limited edition bronzer which smells like coconut. The scent does put me off as I’m not a big fan of coconut but once on the skin there is no lingering scent. Tantric (black) is their original bronzer. They both have 22.68g worth of product and retail for £35In the pan you can tell tantastic pulls more cool toned to tantric but they are both just light enough for my skin tone using a light hand. Both are said to be universal shades and have a matte finish. I found when using both that Tantastic has a bit more of a powder kick up that tantric but neither had a huge amount. After using the bronzers on my face I certainly prefer the way Tantastic looks. Tantric can look a little too red if I go in too heavy handed but I certainly do still have to apply the littlest amount with Tantastic too. It is hard to tell the difference in shade when blended into my skin and the weather today is pretty miserable so the lighting isn’t the best. To show how they looked I used Tantastic on one side of my face and Tantric on the other. 


I hope you have enjoyed this review. Let me know what you think in the comments. Thank you for reading! 

Where to buy:

Tantric – Harrods
Tantric – John Lewis
Tantastic – Harrods


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