Rimmel London nail polish

Hello lovelys! I really fancied getting myself some more summery nail polishes. It was a lovely day yesterday, the sun was out and it really inspired me to go colourful. I’m also going on holiday soon so I have been looking for the perfect holiday colour! 

I have always wanted a deep blue and Danny Boy, Blue! is the perfect shade. Even though it’s a darker colour I still feel it will look gorgeous in the summer. 

Roll In The Grass is a gorgeous soft blue/green. The name would make you think it would be a bright green but it definitely has more blue tones. 

Go Wild-Er-Ness is a beautiful pastel lilac purple. 

Coralicious is one of my favourites that I picked up and the one I am wearing as I write this. It’s a stunning bright coral colour. Perfect for a really sunny day. 

Instyle Coral is another favourite. It’s much lighter and pinker than Coralicious but still as bright and perfect for summer. 

Origina is a bright soft orange colour. I’ve had this one a while so it isn’t as bright as it used to be anymore but these polishes are so cheap anyway I could pick up another if I wanted it fresher. 

I also picked up a super gel colour. I bought the step 2 top coat in the super gel range but over the top of normal polishes it broke them up. So I have decided to try it with the proper polish underneath and decided to get cocktail passion. As you can tell I am loving the the coral/pinky tones this summer so I am excited to try this one out. 

Rimmel London polishes are very cheap, around £3-£4 depending on the range you’d get but the formula is amazing for the price. I find it takes a long time for them to chip and they dry down fast meaning it’s hard to smudge them before they’re dry. 

I hope you have enjoyed looking at these polishes. I’m certainly in love with them! Please comment and like what you think of the colours, if you’ve tried them and which your favourites are. 


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