My Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick Collection

Hello lovelys! Despite not usually being a fan of lipsticks, as liquid lipsticks are so much more convenient, I have built up quite the collection of Charlotte Tilbury Lipsticks. I absolutely love her lipsticks and always reach for them for date nights or evening meals, especially on holidays as most of the shades I have are subtle gorgeous nudes – perfect for the evening glow.

Nude Kate

This is actually the first one I purchased, it looked stunning whilst on holiday with my slightly tanned skin and natural/minimal makeup. Definitely a very pale nude. On her website Charlotte Tilbury describes this as a “pink-toned light nude”

Hepburn Honey

Charlotte describes this as a “light peach”. A gorgeous nude to finish off a bold eye. Very similar to Nude Kate but slightly darker in tone.

Penelope Pink

Again this colour is very similar to the two above but is more pink, described as a nude with pink undertones.

Bitch perfect

I have tried to order these lighter to dark so once again this is a darker nude then the ones before, this nude lipstick definitely pulls more of a pink nude.

Very Victoria 

My favourite of the lot is this shade. It’s a matte taupe nude and looks absolutely beautiful with a minimal eye look. It is probably the deepest shade of the bunch.

Super Cindy

A beautiful natural matte pink shade. I like to describe this shade as “my lips but better” it really looks natural against my lighter skin tone.

Stoned rose

A warm rosey peach shade perfect for everyday wear.

Sexy Sienna

The most vibrant shade of the bunch. This lipstick is a coral colour with a matte formula, perfect for spring/summer days.

I definitely enjoy more nude toned lipsticks as you can tell but I hope this has helped show you ever so slight differences between the undertones of some of the shades. On her website you can actually view the lipsticks on different skin tones which is an amazing feature to help online buyers see the true colour of each shade against their skin.

I hope you have enjoyed looking at these lipsticks, I definitely can’t wait to use them more again on holiday to enhance glowy skin! Please comment and like what you think of these shades, if you’ve tried them and which your favourites are. 



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